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Do You Prefer to Text?

Mention your preference in your contact message, whether it be text, email or phone call, and I will do my best to respond by your preferred method!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of music do you perform?

My preference is for anything Irish and Scottish with some Eastern European thrown in as well, actually quite a bit of Eastern European! I was classically trained originally and still play some of what you might call the “light classics” or the most familiar tunes, and I’m not averse to learning something for an event, but that does cost extra.

Can I have multiple musicians?

I perform solo these days, but depending on your event and your budget it’s something we can discuss.

What are some of the bands you’ve performed in?

The Strange Woods, Glancing Love, The Electrocarpathians, Waking Fae, Gypsy Fae, Blackthorn’s Maritime Band, there’s another one I can’t think of the name of right now, I’ll add it when I do, but I think that’s all of them.

What if I just want one song or tune?

That’s definitely doable, traveling by myself and not using a sound system makes it easy. If it requires more than that, for example if it’s something where the sound of the violin won’t travel far enough (I can’t imagine this by the way) that makes it harder and you might consider going without a live musician.

Do you have CDs?

I have CDs with prior bands, but nothing as a solo artist yet (yet is the key word!).

How much do you charge?

Rather than list that I prefer you to contact me and we can discuss details.

Live Chat

  • I’m online a fair amount, so if you like chatting, you can usually find me on Facebook (I’m trying out a new link) if your preferred method of chatting is something else I’ve also got a What’s App link on my Facebook page if that helps!
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If you hear something you like contact me!

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